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Welcome to Read Writes

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Welcome to readwrites.com, a blog on software engineering, software development and management. I'll be trying to capture my thoughts, opinions, ideas, and lessons learned in a series of irregular posts inspired by my day-to-day life.

But who am I?

According to LinkedIn, Kris Read is "a visionary architect and software engineer with great leadership and management experience."

Well, I don't know about "visionary". But I've worn a lot of hats in my 10+ years in the software industry. I've been a consultant to fortune 500 companies, a startup CTO (more than once), a manager, a scrum-master, a team lead, a senior software engineer, an infrastructure engineer, and more.

What motivates me is getting better and feeling like I'm making the best contributions I can. Often this means taking a step back and looking at process, looking at management, looking at goals, plans and even values, so I can understand the big picture and how to get from here to there.

I hope the lessons I learn along the way can help other people, and if you enjoy this blog please head over to twitter and send me a note!